Ding Dr Specializes in Stand Up Paddle Board SUP Epoxy Surfboard Repairs

Ding Dr Specializes in Stand Up Paddle Board SUP Epoxy Surfboard Repairs

Before And After Epoxy SUP Repairs

Ding Dr Surfboard Repair specializes in epoxy ding repairs for surfboard and stand up paddle boards. We can fix all types of epoxy stand up paddle boards. SUPs and paddle boards are usually EPS foam core construction with a painted outer shell. They are usually shipped here from overseas so factory repair is not an option for the stand up paddle enthusiast’s to rely on. Realizing these lack of resources, Ding Dr. has gone the extra mile to master the process of epoxy repair and color matching.

With no paint codes to go by, and no information available from the distributor, we are left to repair and color match these boards by hand and with our keen eye for color. Our repair specialists are always spot on with their color matching no matter how technical a design pattern may be.

Before and after pics, as well as updates will be regularly added to our website for customers to check out. Ranging from broken in half to busted out fins, these updates will give a good representation of what we do and what customers can expect. We fix em all, and never let a customer leave unsatisfied. For those of you who are familiar with fiberglass construction, we sell the best epoxy materials and ding repair kits, so stop by for some tips before you tackle your project.

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