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Ding Dr. surf shop is located in the heart of Huntington Beach, California. With a huge inventory of new and used surfboards, we are known for the most competitive prices in Orange County and southern California. With over ten years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers,  The Ding Dr. can handle all of your surf supply needs. We have a massive supply of Future and F.C.S. fins as well as Astrodeck traction pads and sandals. We also keep all other surfboard accessories in stock, including ding repair kits, Solarez, board bags, leashes, sunscreen etc. Surfboard brands we carry include Mayhem, …Lost, Merrick, Channel islands, T. Patterson, Cole, etc.

Future fins is now offering a new line of fins called Tech Flex.

Aesthetically these bad boys are very nice. Offered in neon yellow, orange, purple and green; the techflex’s are a real eye catcher. Tech Flex fins are a design which seems to compound and build on Future’s Blackstix models. It seems the main differences are the flex patterns and foils. The Future Fins Tech Flex lineup features a carbon base and carbon fiber tip with honeycomb construction throughout, providing a lateral flex pattern, as opposed to the torsion flex characteristics of the Blackstix fins. Blackstix fin’s flex properties are mainly focused on the tip while the techflex have more of a side to side flex throughout the entire fin. The Tech flex lineup includes such templates as the JC1, WCT, AM2, and the F4. All of the Tech Flex lineup come with a flat foil as opposed to the Vector 2 foil standard with the Blackstix fins. The flat foil tends to work better in fast, powerful, punchy surf situations where as the vector and vector 2 fin foils create speed and release in less than perfect surf. Varying in size and template, the techflex fins are offered in a small size (f4) which is endorsed by John John Florence. Also available are the medium sized WCT and EA templates, the latter preferred by Ry Craike. In the big boy department is the large template AM2 fin. For more on fins see our other related arcticles.

Future fins is now offering three different Mayhem fins designed by Matt Biolos of Lost Surfboards.

The MB3 fin is a small sized template which offers tons of drive and hold for the surfer in the 65-155 lbs range. Complete honey comb construction ensures a strong and lightweight fin choice. The height of the MB3 measures 4.54 inches and the base length comes in at 4.4 inches. The total surface area is 14.72 square inches, which is the largest in the small fin category. Also offered by Future is the MB1 fin. The MB1 fin, with its 15.73 square inch surface area comes in around the middle of the 190 lb plus category. This fin is designed for larger sized surfers who want a fin that has a fair amount of hold but also offers a good amount of release. The MB1 is also constructed using honey comb and epoxy technology. New for 2011-2012 is the MB2 template. Also in the 190 lb plus category the MB2 has a total surface area of 15.47 square inches. This template is on the smaller side of the Large category. The MB2 offers the most release out of the large sized fins and is defined as a fast and loose choice, probably best applied to punchy beach break situations. This template is also made with honey comb and epoxy technology, but in addition it utilizes carbon fiber in its makeup. The Carbon fiber construction helps the MB2 keep a stiff drivey base while allowing the tip to remain flexible and give this fin its release characteristics.

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